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Jose Edwards
Jose Edwards

Mature Peeing Trouser

And those women, when you ask them are when they keep a diary, actually will let you know if you have them pee in a little thing we called the hat that sits in the potty so you can measure it. They are peeing a lot because they're drinking a lot.

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So there are a couple of things that are medical that caused frequent urination but those people are peeing in buckets and when you have to get up in the night and you get out of bed and you just pee a little bit, so that's urge incontinence or urgency we call it. There are ways to treat it.

In fact, there are over 25 million adult Americans suffering from some type of urinary incontinence. So if you're peeing while running, know that you're among a large percentage of women who have the same issue.

Strengthening exercises are a fantastic way to stop peeing when running, but you must consult your doctor or physical therapist before performing strength training exercises to ensure that you are not damaging your pelvic floor more.

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