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The Blind SideMovie 2009

The Blind Side is a 2009 American biographical sports drama film written and directed by John Lee Hancock. Based on the 2006 book of the same name by Michael Lewis,[2][3] the film tells the story of Michael Oher, an American football offensive lineman who overcame an impoverished upbringing to play in the National Football League (NFL) with the help of his adoptive parents Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy. It stars Sandra Bullock as Leigh Anne Tuohy, Tim McGraw as Sean Tuohy, and Quinton Aaron as Oher.

The Blind SideMovie | 2009

The film ends with information about and photos of the real Tuohy family and Michael Oher. He was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft and played in the National Football League.

While Oher's coach from high school, Hugh Freeze, has an uncredited cameo as a coach watching some game film, the role of the high school coach is named Coach Cotton in the film.[5] NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had an uncredited voice cameo announcing Michael's drafting into the Baltimore Ravens during the 2009 NFL Draft.

The Blind Side opened in 3,110 theaters on its opening weekend, the weekend of November 20, 2009. It grossed a strong $34.5 million in its opening weekend, the second highest gross of that weekend, behind The Twilight Saga: New Moon. It was the highest-grossing opening weekend of Sandra Bullock's career. The per-theater average for The Blind Side's opening weekend was $11,096.[10] In its opening weekend, the movie already earned more than its $29 million production budget. It proved to have remarkable staying power, taking in an additional $9.5 million, bringing its gross to $60.1 million by the weekend of November 27, 2009.[11] The movie enjoyed a rare greater success for the second weekend than it did in its opening weekend, taking in an estimated $40 million, an increase of 18 percent, from November 27 to November 29, 2009, coming in second to New Moon once again, bringing its gross to $100.3 million.[1]

In its third weekend, the movie continued its trend of rare feats by moving up to the number one position with $20.4 million in sales after spending the previous two weekends in second place for a total gross of $128.8 million, due to strong word-of-mouth.[12] In its fourth weekend, it moved down to second place, dropping a slim 23% with an estimated $15.5 million for a total of $150.2 million in the United States and Canada as of December 13, 2009.[13] The film hit $200 million domestically on January 1, 2010, marking the first time a movie marketed with a sole actress' name above the title (Bullock's) has crossed the $200 million mark.[14] The Blind Side has also become the highest grossing football movie and sports drama of all time domestically[15][16] unadjusted for ticket inflation.[17] The Blind Side ended its domestic theatrical run on June 4, 2010 (nearly 7 months after it opened), earning a total of nearly $256 million.[18] In the United Kingdom and Ireland, The Blind Side was released on March 26, 2010.[19] It was the third biggest release of that weekend behind Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.[20]

Redbox and Netflix customers had to wait 28 days before they were able to rent the movie.[42][43] This stems from the settlement of a lawsuit brought by Redbox against Warner Home Video, who, in an attempt to boost DVD sales, refused to sell wholesale titles to Redbox. On August 19, 2009, Redbox sued Warner Home Video[44] to continue purchasing DVD titles at wholesale prices. On February 16, 2010, Redbox settled the lawsuit[43] and agreed to a 28-day window past the street date.

It's based not on a novel, but on Michael Lewis' fact-based football book, The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game, roughly half of which is devoted to the rise of Michael Oher from impoverished circumstances in Memphis, Tenn., to college stardom at the University of Mississippi. (An end-credit sequence brings the story up to date: Oher was a first-round 2009 NFL draft pick for the Baltimore Ravens, where he currently plays right tackle.)

The Panthers signed Oher to a two-year, $7 million deal to protect the blind side of quarterback Cam Newton. They believe reuniting Oher with former Baltimore offensive line coach John Matsko and surgery that repaired the toe will revive his career.

Director John Lee Hancock could have explored the challenges that Leigh Anne and Michael faced as they tried to meld their divergent backgrounds with more complexity. Did Oher have any doubts? Was everyone at the school really that embracing? Instead, Hancock goes for the superficial. But The Blind Side has plenty of heart, something Hancock appears to have a knack for (he also helmed The Rookie, an even more heartwarming drama based on a real-life athlete). Still, he's in danger of too much sentimentality here -- that and condescension about racial prejudice and economic barriers. The result is a straightforward and entertaining film, if you can ignore, yes, its blind spots.

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Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron) was selected in the first round of the 2009 NFL draft by the Baltimore Ravens. This is a sanitized (some might argue "Hollywood-ized") version of events that brought him to that point. When the film begins, he's a lost teenager who has been accepted to a private religious school because of his untapped potential as a football player. The coach (Ray McKinnon) salivates when he considers Michael's size and strength on his offensive line - he's a bear of a man - but Michael's academic performance is so poor that he is ineligible to play. He has no home - the State took him away from his crack-addicted mother when he was a child and he mostly looks for warm places to spend the night. He is wandering the streets in the cold and the rain when Leigh Anne Touhy (Sandra Bullock) spots him. She and her husband, Sean (Tim McGraw), recognize him since their son, S.J. (Jae Head), and daughter, Collins (Lily Collins), go to his school. Impulsively, Leigh Anne invites Michael to spend the night on her couch, and that one night becomes the first of many. Michael becomes a part of the Touhy family, his performance at school improves, and he is finally able to show what he can do on a football field.

Released in 2009, The Blind Side is an American football movie based on a 2006 book of the same name. Despite mixed critical reviews, it was a commercial success. Below, you will find The Blind Side summary, as well as movie analysis.

The Blind Side is a movie produced in 2009 that focuses on the life of Michael Oher. Michael is a teenager who overcomes numerous challenges such as homelessness and loneliness to become one of the most reliable offensive linemen in the National Football League (NFL) of America (Lewis, 2009).

The main character in this movie is Michael, a seventeen-year-old black and homeless American teenager. He does not know his father and his mother is a drug addict. He puts up at various foster homes. However, he escapes in several instances due to various reasons. Hopping between foster homes leaves Michael without much formal education or essential skills that can help him get a job (Lewis, 2009).

It provides the viewer with a touch of reality that human relations depend on. There are two important lessons about human relations brought out in this movie. First, it is important for human beings to reach out to less fortunate in the society. Michael is a teenager who has lost hope of fulfilling his dreams, but the family of Leigh Anne helps him identify and fulfill his potential (Lewis, 2009).

However, from the movie it is clear that these situations are not permanent because individuals can get these experiences from people they interact with in life (Scott, 2009). Michael came from a broken home that did not have a father, while the mother was not resourceful due to her drug addiction.

He lacked life opportunities that his peers from bonded families had. However, he is able to feel the love of a family later in his teenage years after a white couple that already had two children adopts him. The love shown by others is often influential on how people develop perspectives about life (Lewis, 2009). The concept of family developed in this movie goes beyond nuclear families to include a social unit that shares common values, includes people who believe in each other, and who show love towards each other.

In the movie, challenges of poverty, racial discrimination, as well as drug and substance abuse are evident and well explored. Modern American society identifies as one that adores drugs, looks down upon people from poor backgrounds, as well as a society still incensed in the old habit of treating people based on color of their skin (Scott, 2009).

The Blind Side is a 2009 American drama sports movie directed by John Lee Hancock. It is based on the novel The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game, which was written by Michael Lewis. It stars Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw, Quinton Aaron, and Kathy Bates. 041b061a72




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