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Where To Buy Seedlings

We offer more than 50 different bare-root seedling species and specialty packages of incomparable quality. We have a small program by most standards (see About Us) and that allows us to concentrate on product quality and customer service. Our experienced staff and seedling quality are unsurpassed. We do not import seedlings from out-of-state or transplant seedlings from other sources. All of our seedlings are grown from seed (see From Seed to Seedling) in our own seedbeds. This ensures that our seedlings are well adapted to New Hampshire climate, free of disease and insect pests. Our seedlings are useful for many purposes including:

where to buy seedlings

Our seedlings are available for local pickup or delivery by FedEx. Custom delivery can be arranged by calling Mona Hitch at 615-429-MONA(6662). NOTE: Delivery Fees may apply for Custom Delivery.

If ordering seedlings to be shipped NOTE we are now only shipping Monday & Tuesday to ensure delivery by the weekend. If you order after 12 noon CST on Tuesday your order will be shipped on Monday of the next week.

The George O. White State Forest Nursery near Licking offers Missouri residents a variety of tree and shrub seedlings for reforestation, windbreaks, and erosion control, as well as for wildlife food and cover.

Hi Michelle, I love that this lists covers all the different options from retailers like home depot,to amazon, to local nurseries, it makes the challenge of finding seedlings feel much more manageable. I wanted to let you know about another online seedling site that combines local plants you find at a nursery with the convenience of online stores They're trying to do something a little different by crowdsourcing from seed savers and small farms doing open pollinated local adatation of heirlooms.

I've gotten heirloom seeds from Azure Standard in the past and I'm sure the seedlings are great too. I know I've seen a few heirloom varieties even in the garden center at the grocery store which is really nice.

I love this idea. I usually wait until the end of May or June to buy locally and I know of a few that have a good selection but I can't believe that I did not know that you could actually order seedlings online. I've ordered seeds and plants but never seedlings. Oh no, this could be trouble! :)

Tower Tip: If you choose to buy seedlings from a local nursery instead, select only those with perfectly formed leaves and no evidence of bug presence. Damaged leaves typically mean plants have been sprayed for pests.

Seedlings is boutique line of stationery, greeting cards, and calendar products. We're a couple twenty-somethings who believe that the world is still filled with paper nerds like us. Nerds that think snail mail is best mail and that paper is here to stay. Throughout our line, we have incorporated seed paper in our packaging wherever possible. Our seed paper is made up of 100% non-invasive wildflower seeds.

The Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) Seedling Tree Nursery is taking critical steps to improve facilities, expand staffing and increase production of quality seedlings. These improvements are essential as the Nursery has experienced significant staff shortages and failing infrastructure, and this focus on updates will unfortunately require short-term reductions in production at the facility. All existing orders and contracts for Spring 2023 will be fulfilled, but no new orders will be accepted at this time.

The CSFS Nursery relies on cooperating agencies to promote and sell most of its seedlings to landowners in their respective regions. Seedling cooperators include CSU Extension, conservation districts and CSFS field offices.

We recommend seedling customers to use PRS sheets to compare the genetic quality of different seedling families. However, the PRS scores can vary widely for a single pine family depending on the commercial checklot that is used. To make it easier for our customers to compare seedlings from other nurseries, we have provided the PRS sheets for our loblolly pine selections with three commercial checks:

Below are the PRS sheets for our loblolly pine selections. When shopping for loblolly seedlings, remember to always ask for a PRS sheet for each selection you are considering and be sure to specify the commercial check that is used on the PRS sheet.

Please contact SCFC Tree Improvement Specialist Carla Castro at (803) 683-1091 for technical assistance on our pine selections. And be sure to check out ArborGen Taylor Nursery, where our seedlings are grown.

Each year, GFC supplies seedlings to Georgia landowners for reforestation, beautification and wildlife habitat. GFC begins processing orders on July 1 for the following planting season (in Georgia, planting season is from December through March 1). Seedlings are available to the public on a first come-first serve basis. Orders can be delivered to and picked up at any GFC office across the state without additional charge. GFC also rents reforestation equipment. Contact your local county office for more information.

Yes. GFC does not withhold the best genetic material for planting on its own forestland. The very best seedlings are available to the public on a first come-first serve basis. Find out more about purchasing seedlings.

Single family seedlots mean the seeds all come from the same mother tree. As a result, all the seedlings from a single-family seedlot are closely related. In a mixed seedlot, the seeds are derived from a number of mother trees and therefore more genetically diverse. Find out more about purchasing seedlings.

Maybe. In a mixed seedlot the genetic value is the average of the families in the mix. If you are lucky enough to plant a single family that is above average you gain an advantage. If the family is below average, you don't. Unfortunately, the very best families are always in high demand and frequently not available to many customers. Find out more about purchasing seedlings.

Yes. Multi-family plantings, because of their diversity, are better buffered against unusual shifts in weather or environment. Additionally, families are ranked based on average performance. Some seedlings from lesser ranked families may have exceptional qualities. Multi-family plantings can include these outstanding individuals that may ultimately be an important component of the final harvest. Find out more about purchasing seedlings.

Research has shown that some rust resistance in pines is the result of a gene-for-gene mechanism. Simply put, this means that a family that demonstrates resistance to one strain of the fungus may be susceptible to another strain of the pathogen. Since it's impossible to predict what fungal strain a plantation may encounter, a multi-family planting may provide more insurance. Find out more about purchasing seedlings.

When buying tree seed or seedlings, it is extremely important to know the geographic location of the seed source. Planting seedlings or seed from a seed source outside of a natural geographic region can lead to growth loss and, in some cases, mortality.

Shoppers often ask where to find garden seedlings in Maine. Fortunately, farmers, nurseries, and greenhouses have an ample supply of healthy, hardened seedlings ready to go. When deciding whether to start your garden from seeds or by purchasing seedlings, there are many things to keep in mind. For example, seed packets are affordable. Also, depending upon where you purchase the seeds, there is likely to be a wide variety of each type available. Seedlings are more expensive per plant, but offer advantages, including:

FARMSMany farms are set up to start large quantities of seeds for their own production, and sell seedlings as well. Typically you might find these at a farm stand or store. This season, some farms are also offering pre-order options for pickup or even delivery. Check the website and social media pages of farms in your area. Expect to find more unusual varieties than you might find at your local garden center.

  • Webster Forest Nursery Distribution InformationWebster Forest Nursery asks for your participation in a consolidated pickup schedule for the 2022-23 season. Pickup hours are as follows:Monday, 12:30-3 p.m.

  • Tuesday, 9 a.m.-noon

  • Thursday, 12:30-3 p.m.

  • Friday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

  • Evening hours are available every other Thursday from 3-6 p.m.

  • Webster Forest Nursery will also be open for scheduled pickups on the following Saturdays, from 8:30-11:30 a.m.: January 21, February 25, and March 25. Nursery staff look forward to providing you excellent service at your scheduled appointment. Please call or email if you require accommodations outside the times listed. How to OrderWebster Forest Nursery offered a pre-registration period to customers through September 15 and sold out of most 2022-23 seedlings during the pre-registration period. Check the Seedling Availability list for ready-to-order options and email an order form to begin your order. If your desired seedlings are sold out, you will be added to a wait list and will be notified of opportunities to purchase seedlings. To be added to the email list for next year's sale, please email Price InformationSeedlings are sold only in full-bag quantities. Prices vary by stock type.

  • Local sales tax rates (8 percent) apply for pick-up orders; otherwise, tax rate is based on the shipping destination.

  • Prices are FOB Olympia.

  • UPS charge (if applicable): $20 per bag or box to addresses in Washington state, plus tax (based on destination). Please inquire for out-of-state shipment charges.

  • Public Price List for Seedlings2022-23 Season Public Price List for SeedlingsStock TypeUp to 600600 or More*1+1$1.05 per seedling$0.65 per seedlingP+1$1.35 per seedling$0.75 per seedlingP+0 (S-10, intermediate size plug)$1.35 per seedling$0.75 per seedlingP+0 (S-15, larger plug)$1.49 per seedling$0.80 per seedling * 600 or More pricing applies to seedlings of the same stock type. If you are unsure what seedling species or stock type you need, read more about the available choices.Payment InformationInvoice terms are net 30 days. All sales are final.

  • Cash and check are accepted. Make checks payable to: Washington State Department of Natural ResourcesMail Stop 47017, Olympia, WA 98504-7017

Potted Seedlings Webster Forest Nursery has potted western redcedar and Douglas-fir seedlings for sale while supplies last. Prices are $10 for each 1-gallon potted seedling. No order form is required. Please call or email the nursery ahead of your purchase. 041b061a72




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