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Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams

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To compile the results, Lyst analysed the online shopping behaviour of more than 150 million shoppers a year; they looked at numbers and created a bespoke algorithm taking into account over 15K data points including global Lyst and Google search data, active browsing page views, conversion rates, search and sales metrics as well as product engagement statistics generated between January 2021 and August 2021.

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Robert Charles patchwork multicoloured belts in brown and blue (70-100) were our biggest hit this year. Small leather goods from Mulberry, such as wallets (275-325), were also very popular. Cufflinks (50) and ties (90-95) from Hugo Boss Black were another bestselling product of 2016. Customers are more clued up on pricing these days. They tell us they check prices online and then compare in-store ones in order to get a better deal. October was a good month but November was mediocre. Brexit was irrelevant for shoppers but for retailers it has made a huge difference. The exchange rates has impacted on how we buy and deal with suppliers. We used to operate an online store, but it was a terrible experience. We struggled with the volume of returns as customers tend to order multiple sizes. 041b061a72




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