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Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams

Something Good - Rhythm (Of The Night)

In 2013, Vibe ranked it number nine in their list of "Before EDM: 30 Dance Tracks from the '90s That Changed the Game".[25] In 2014, Idolator ranked it number 25 on their list of "The 50 Best Pop Singles of 1994".[4] Bradley Stern described it as a "spacey synth-pop jam" and "true staple of early '90s club anthems". He concluded, "As soon as that almighty call to arms rings out ("This is the rhythm of the night!"), 20 years later, there's still no choice but to become a slave to the rhythm all over again."[4]

Something Good - Rhythm (Of The Night)

The good news, Mr. Ries says, is that most of us can function after not sleeping well for a night or even two. All parents have experienced times when they were up all night with a sick child but then were able to get through the next day. Perhaps most famously, Charles Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic in a single-engine airplane after not sleeping the night before.

But don't worry, feeling hungry does not mean you are doing anything wrong or that you failed at fasting. It is actually due to decreases in glucose levels. The dip in glucose results in hunger pangs, BUT once your body gets used to intermittent fasting, glucose fluctuations will not affect you as much. Translation: You won't feel hungry every time you fast. Once you get in a good rhythm with fasting, that I-have-to-eat-right-now feeling will likely subside.

Thank you, Henneke. There is a beautiful music-like feel to good writing. I agree that mixing long, short (and medium) sentences give words a beautiful cadence. Reading aloud helps me find my best rhythm. Great tips.

Written or spoken words have the power to trigger an emotional response when they mirror the rhythms of our inner feelings. As you point out, this is something you can be conscious of and you can practice. But eventually, you just feel it.

Recent studies suggest that a class of proteins known as cryptochromes have an evolutionarily conserved role in the entrainment of circadian rhythms to the night-day cycle. While the evidence reported is intriguing, the notion that cryptochromes have the same role in all species requires further investigation. 041b061a72




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