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Leigh Sylvester
Leigh Sylvester

Skyrim Kill Anyone Mod

a simple mod that allows Essential npcs to be killable by you the player. Some npcs are quest protected so they wont die. Theres no skse yet so thats what you gotta deal with for now. Also allow you to kill children as well. Very Immersive.

skyrim kill anyone mod

Posting to Reddit earlier this week, user u/jaeinskyrim uploaded numerous screenshots from their copy of Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim which depicted their character in various poses as the corpses of many lay strewn about their feet. In the post, it seems the user had decided to essentially go on a murderous rampage and off thousands of non-player characters in the game. At their estimation, they claimed the kill count was more than 2,200 for people, and more than 2,400 for "various creatures." They then declared that, finally, it was finished before adding "I am alone in Skyrim" in the post's title.

However, there were some questions in the comments about how they'd achieved this feat of slaughter. When asked whether the guards respawned, the original poster admitted that they did, in fact, come back to life after several in-game days. Someone also asked how they were able to kill plot characters, NPCs essential to the game's story who can't be killed. The original poster said they'd used a combination of mods, such as Kill Em All and Death Awaits Us All to overcome this. Skyrim's mods, as many fans are already aware, are an integral part of the Elder Scrolls 5 experience, adding a slew of custom content that keeps the game going for much longer.

What this Reddit user has done is impossible in the vanilla game, particularly as players are not allowed to murder Skyrim's child population. While the user doesn't specifically mention it, it can be assumed that of the 2,200+ human NPCs they killed, this would include children. Naturally, the game officially doesn't allow this, but once again it would appear that the modding community would have this type of bloodlust covered.

It can't be said whether u/jaeinskyrim will attempt a similar feat for Elder Scrolls 6. With no word yet as and when the next Elder Scrolls installment will be released, fans of the series will no doubt be keeping themselves occupied with the other games in the franchise. There's no telling what other potentially dangerous exploits await the game.

For anyone who has the repeating combat music bug, that is a game engine bug which nobody has been able to fix, the same bug was also in Oblivion, FO3, and FONV before Skyrim. The Unofficial patch team are unable to solve that problem soo .. Just kill it with this mod

Manual installations : Delete your skyrim/data/music folder to restore the original music, or delete individual folders inside skyrim/data/music to restore only those tracks ( This procedure assumes you have no other loose music files installed, if you have then you will need to take care not to delete other mods music files ).

"For anyone who has the repeating combat music bug, that is a game engine bug which nobody has been able to fix, the same bug was also in Oblivion, FO3, and FONV before Skyrim. The Unofficial patch team are unable to solve that problem soo .. Just kill it with this mod :)"

Warriors and rangers are ten-a-penny on the streets of Skyrim. Gain true respect by adopting an artful profession: being a bard. Sing your way from tavern to tavern and earn yourself a pretty penny from ale-guzzling patrons the world over. Your bard will be able to play any instrument in Skyrim, and a simple tap of the Z key will cause them to erupt into song. Your companions will even join in should harmonies be required. A skill tree will help you improve your vocals and bag you Christmas No. 1.

The MMO-favourite hobby of fishing finally makes it into Skyrim by way of this mod. Fishing adds rods, nets, and dwarven boomfishing to the game. Rods and nets can be set up by riversides while bait must be attached to lure in your prey. Dwarven fishing methods prove a little more military-inspired, with explosives thrown into the water to kill fish en-masse and provide a haul to sell for profit.

The Apprenticeship mod is a new way of upgrading skills, by forcing you to seek out skill trainers or pick up a skill book to further experience in that skill. Using your skills will no longer improve them in this challenging Skyrim mod.

An almighty overhaul of Skyrim's perk tree, this adds 400 new perks, bulking out each basic skill to give a ton more options to spend your precious perk points on. From 'Fog of War' in the stealth tree to 'Flee Fool' in the two-handed tree, there's plenty of new abilities to master!

This combines several of the BIG (Better Improvements for Gameplay) mods relating to combat in one package, bringing additional kill moves to your adventure and increasing the chance of you pulling them off during fights.

Spelling it OutOnce the terms of the game are accepted, the player has the option to kill anyone with the corresponding letters, although the letters L, F, R, and I cannot include Nords. The non-vanilla or mod targets are as follows:

If Fironet dies first, the quest ends with Cassock winning the game. If Culves or Corpulus is killed first, then Cassock will immediately stop combat and forcegreet the player to congratulate them for winning. Finishing the quest in this manner will open up Cassock as a follower. Regardless of the ending, if Fironet survives, she will thank the player.

I personally believe it's silly to let SJWs get away with everything and going around censoring gamers like us who just like a little bit more freedom. I'm not saying it's okay to go around shooting kids in real life, but let's not forget this is a GAME, and not just a simple game, it's one where you kill people, have sex with prostitutes, join gang wars and do a lot more stuff that's acceptable... because... it's a game.

Before people tell me one more time that this will spark too much controversy, allow me to give you just one example. In Skyrim, you are able to hit kids with swords, spells, etc. Even though you can't kill them, you still can give them a nasty hit! so where is the controversy there? And yes, this is the reason why I added an option in the poll to vote for immortal children, which seems to be the second best option in my opinion. There's no controversy in that, hell, Bully is a more violent game towards children than this mod if it makes them immortal.The best option in poll in my opinion, is enabling children via an OPTIONAL patch, i'll type the word again... OPTIONAL. See, I have no reason to believe people would complain about something that's optional, if you don't want to experience it, then simply don't install the damn patch, that easy. People who would rather censor something 100% don't seem to understand that they are taking away their own rights for the future, one day you won't be able to play GTA because of that.

@Yhdf: The case you're referring to bears little resemblance to this one, though. Using imagery, symbols etc. directly linked to real institutions/people in violent games is hardly comparable to the inclusion of killable children in an already """edgy""" game.

Maybe another option would be adding them but never being able to have lethal weapons near places with kids (so only slingshots and such with the possibility to knock them out rather then killing them)?

Instead of them dieing. They should just simply get knocked out, with the animation of them shaking and quivering on the floor. Rockstar implemented this feature in there own Bully game. So there shouldn't be any lawsuit by doing this. Because no kids are getting killed, only beaten up.




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