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Bogdan Gavrilov
Bogdan Gavrilov

[S1E6] Tell

Evan is a bit disappointed to hear about Stephan and Lucy getting back together. When Stephan tells Evan about Diana and Wrigley, he too is casual about it. He explains that their perception of Stephan stems from his lack of seriousness in relationships and how he changes girls like a revolving door. It is true and Stephan recognizes that. He starts making more of an effort with Lucy, starting with seeing in public with her. Charlie encourages Lucy to turn in one of her old stories she wrote for a blog years back, as she forgot to complete the assignment. It turns out to be liked by the entire class.

[S1E6] Tell

This Diana thing is over, especially after Lucy forgave him for continuing with her earlier in the library. In an intense sequence, Stephan presses Wrigley, somewhat as Lucy did him, in the sauna after the workout. He wants to get dirt on Pippa, which Wrigley gives in a state of confusion. It is clear he hates her for telling on him to Lucy but eventually comes to his senses when he sees Wrigley struggling to cope.

The following morning, as Lucy and Stephen leave her room, Pippa and Brew spot her. Whilst Brew decides to stay out of it, Pippa tells her to stay careful. As Pippa tells Lucy about seeing Stephen with Diana, Lucy tells Stephen what Diana saw. However, Lucy simply informs Stephen to stop treating her like an idiot and to treat her with some fu*king respect. Shortly afterward, Stephen breaks up with Diana.

This outburst and moment of clarity make it even more haunting when she returns to Shane at the airport and tells him she promises to be happy, looking absolutely dead inside. Every emotion and regret she has goes back in the bottle just in time to catch their flight.

But then Ray finally tells him that it was Henry Drinkwater, tying together the stories I Know This Much Is True has told us over the past few episodes in a stronger way than I frankly saw coming. Dominick goes to Ralph, who thought he always knew, and that colors all of their interactions in retrospect.

After a day drinking with his "lunch club," Phillip glosses over some of the more questionable portions of his afternoon, instead telling Elizabeth he was listening to a photojournalist detail political unrest across the world. Yeah, that lasted for about a minute before the slideshow got a whole lot more promiscuous. Elizabeth plays dumb when Phillip starts wondering what this formal dinner could possibly be about.

Margaret is on edge as dinner gets underway and shoos all the servants from the room before finally telling her sister she and Peter wish to get married. Margaret tells Elizabeth, "It can't be a terrible shock to you," and asks her sovereign for her permission to marry. Margaret is 23 and therefore cannot marry without royal permission until 25, which soon becomes important.

Elizabeth tells Margaret she'll have to sort out the logistics as Peter was previously married and is now divorced, but kindly says, "as your sister I'm never going to oppose it." Margaret is immediately and rather adorably thrilled running over to kiss her sister and the happy princess is soon partying in celebration.

Apparently all it took was "a piece of fluff" to bring Margaret and Peter's happy union crashing down and soon news of the impending scandal reaches the ears of the Queen Mother. Tommy, Elizabeth's bore of a private secretary basically tattled on Margaret to her mother, instead of telling the woman he serves: the Queen.

According to the plan, Margaret and Tommy would spend their two-year waiting period in separate countries in order to try to downplay the whole thing. That doesn't work as the affair makes front-page news in the press and now Liz has to tell Margaret.

Campbell hurts the prostitute that he's with while they're in bed together, however she tells him that it's okay because he's a "special, special customer," but refuses to sit with him and talk afterwards. She is crying to Mr. Zhang when Thomas arrives to get his suits.

When Thomas discovers that Campbell is at the brothel, he goes to speak with him, telling him that he thought that he came to clean up the city, not sleep with its whores. Campbell says that he's meeting with Winston Churchill that day to be congratulated on getting the guns back, and laughs because Thomas still doesn't know how he got them. Campbell tells him that his heart will be broken by the time the day is over.

Grace goes to Campbell's office to ask him what he said to Thomas. He says that he told him that by the end of the day, he'd have his heart broken. Campbell tells her that it appears that she's broken two hearts. She says that she's broken her own as well.

Moss tells Inspector Campbell that they found Billy Kimber's body, but as there were no police in the area, as per Campbell's orders, there were no witnesses. He also says that because there were no police on the roads, Freddie Thorne was able to escape police custody.

Thomas visits Grace's apartment and she offers to tell him who she is. He says that he thinks he knows who she is and she knows who he is. She tells him that she loves him and asks him to finish his business there and meet her in London in a week. At the Garrison Pub, Thomas reveals to Polly that because all Kimber's men were busy fighting the Peaky Blinders, the Lee family were easily able to take all the pitches at the Worcester Races. Thomas says that the Shelby Brothers Limited is the third largest legal racetrack operation in the country, and that only Darby Sabini and Alfred Solomons are bigger than them, hinting at the next series' antagonists.

Thomas writes a letter to Grace telling her he will give her his decision within three days. The ending scene shows Inspector Campbell interrupting Grace at the train station and pointing a gun at her, the sound of a gunshot is audible as the screen cuts to black.

Matthew and Mary flirt all episode, which culminates in a kiss and a proposal of marriage. Mary tells Cora and mother is most pleased, but Mary insists she must tell Matthew about Mr. Pamuk or it would be unfair to catch him in a lie.

On stage, Ariadne tells Theseus how to kill the Minotaur, the half man-half bull who is her brother, in exchange for the promise that Theseus will never leave her. She wraps her thread around their hands, using string magic to create an unbreakable bond between them.

Ty wastes no time in telling Marybeth and Sam about Lilly being kidnapped and the fact that Veronica has run away. In addition, Lilly tells Ty that Aaron actually kidnapped Veronica, too and "she's not a bad person."

Gavin and Aldridge successfully fly the plane out of her compound, but when DHS threatens to shoot down the plane, Aldridge dips and jumps into the sinkhole. But not before cryptically telling Gavin that, "everything that's happened to you is for a reason," and he should "go back to the beginning" to save his family. She also tells him to remember the date November 16, 1988.

When they find Diana, she tells them that she believes she can use a part from her team's crashed plane to fix Levi's, therefore ensuring they have a way to get back home. Of course, this news is incredibly well received across the survivors camp as they all prepare for the flight. So when Gavin's message arrives, it splits the camp into those who want to take a risk and take the flight, and those who want to play it safe and wait for another rescue opportunity.

So Dutton tells her it was because of her. Kayce had gotten Monica pregnant, and Dutton had insisted Kayce take her to get an abortion. She asks if he had the cowboys brand Kayce, and Dutton says no, he branded Kayce himself.

Governor Perry, who may be tough enough to take Beth on, asks for a word with her alone. Perry basically tells Beth to grow up, that her loss at 14 made her a grown-up child bully, and that she's got to get help. Beth, of course, threatens Perry and calls her son a name. Again: classic Beth.

Perry calls Jamie back into her office and lets the cat out of the bag regarding Dutton's colon cancer, having heard about it from the livestock association. Jamie is blindsided. He leaves the office in a hurry. Afterwards, Perry tells the vacating Attorney General that she's concerned about supporting John Dutton for chairman of the Livestock Association because he's getting reckless, not the least by asking her to support Beth for public office. Perry says she's open to backing another candidate. But who...?

Back at the ranch, its Kayce versus Rip, round two. This time there's no blows, just cruel words. Rip says that his job is to protect the family, and that Kayce is the biggest risk to the family there is. He's tired of burying Kayce's secrets, he says. Rip tells Kayce not to come back to the family now.

At the Yellowstone, Dutton returns to find Jamie and Beth lying in wait, looking to ask him about the cancer thing. Before he has to deal with it, he calls his friend Carl and tells him that he needs a break. Carl says he'll meet him after five.

Dutton tells them he doesn't have cancer, that the cancer was removed along with the foot of his colon. Then Dutton tells Jamie that taking care of the PR fallout is his job, while telling Beth to come with him.

Ooh, is Beth going to get some fatherly attitude adjustment? Dutton tells her to "man up," but not before shattering a glass in the sink. It's about as mad as we've seen the usually icy Dutton so far. "And don't ever mention your mother to me again," he says. "You forfeited that right a long time ago."

Melody Prescott, however, is troubled by the arrangement, saying "Dan, wait," throughout the exchange. Finally, she pulls Jenkins aside and tells him the deal's too good to be true; she wants to dig into Rainwater's history. Jenkins tells her Rainwater is desperate, the enemy of his enemy, and that Dutton has no greater enemy than Rainwater. She reluctantly agrees to let him proceed.

Joel and Ellie are fed a full meal, that they are absolutely loving, and say they are grateful for the hospitality. Joel asks if they can have a moment just for family to which Tommy replies that Maria (the woman who found Joel and Ellie at the river) is family and they hold hands. Ellie says congrats then has to tell Joel to say congrats, who is quite befuddled by the news. 041b061a72




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