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Jose Edwards
Jose Edwards

Mac Tools Online

Mac Tools provide premium quality hand tools and storage solutions to professional automotive workshops which are designed to make everyday tasks easier and safer. Find out more about our products here

Mac Tools Online

Mac Tools is the number one choice for professional mechanics all over the country. Mac Tools use only the most innovative manufacturing to create the highest quality tools. Find out everything you need to know and more about Mac Tools here

Here is a free suite of office productivity tools that includes the ability to edit and export files in the PDF format. It is open-source software that provides users with a comprehensive set of applications including word-processing, spreadsheets, drawing, and presentation tools.

pdfFiller is an end-to-end document management solution used to edit, create, and manage PDF documents and forms online. As a cloud-based application, pdfFiller does not require any installation and enables you to work with your PDF files while collaborating remotely from any network-connected device.

You might be able to get by with an online PDF editor and they are certainly worth trying. If you just have a file that needs some quick work, an online editor may do the trick. Here are two options for you to check out.

When you are selecting the right PDF editing solution for your needs you should consider the features set that addresses your requirements. If you need basic functionality and are not interested in creating PDF documents, the free tools will be sufficient for your needs. You might find that the built-in Mac capabilities of the Preview app give you all the functionality that you need.

More extensive work with PDF files probably warrant the use of a full-featured, paid application. All of the tools mentioned above can get the job done and offer free trial versions. See which ones look good to you and give them a try. Once you find the one you want, it is usually more cost-effective to purchase the tool outright than use it on a subscription basis.

When converting scanned invoices, reports or images into editable formats, OCR is required. If you are looking for the best free OCR solutions for mac, we collect a list for you: a list of 12 powerful mac free ocr software or online free OCR services, which have been proved to be excellent in the last year 2021 and will continue their good reputation in this year 2022.

OCR App by LEADTOOLS is a MacOS application designed to recognize and extract texts from images. Also it offers a set of tools to improve the OCR accuracy, such as tweak OCR Engine Settings, flip, reverse, adjust binarization or brightness of the image. It can also perform OCR on scanned PDFs, but only export files as text. If you want o convert uploaded files to other format with LEADTOOLS, you will need to copy and paste to the text processor accordingly.

Also, there are quite a lot of online free OCR services for mac users, but not all of them can actually perform OCR or bring satisfactory OCR results. And here we pick 6 best free OCR tools online according to our OCR testing.

Google Docs is a service offered by Google to manage web-based documents, like creating, editing Word, Spreadsheets, presentations, even store them online for easy access on different devices. Users can perform Google OCR on images, scanned PDFs, it is fast with basically satisfactory results.

Online OCR is an online OCR service that can recognize the texts and characters from scanned files and images. It requires no software installation, what you need to do is upload the file (not exceeding size of 5MB) as guided, choose the language and output format(Word, Excel or Text), then "Convert" to start the OCR process. Once finish, a download link will be offered to download the converted file.

Online2PDF is another online platform to manage PDF files, such as editing, compressing ,unlocking ,converting, merging, protecting and so on. Comparing with other online free OCR tools, Online2pdf offers extended features to customize the output and support more output formats.

Getting the right free wireframe tool for Mac can prove tricky. You can spend several hours curating without success. Fortunately, we will furnish you with the list of top 10 free wireframe tools for Mac.

Since it entered the market in 2011, Sketch has been short of misses and thus finding a place in the heart of scores of designers, developers, and managers. It is no doubt one of the highly-rated free wireframe tools for Mac. However, it is still a basic tool but can be used to design modern UI. There are hundreds of plugins and integrations you can choose from to help you customize your workflow. This involves aspects like animating interaction and designing using live data. Sketch offers an excellent collaboration platform where users can collaborate with a significant number of team members and clients. This way, they can share the work, receive feedback, give testing opinions, and hand off the design to developers faster. However, multiple designers cannot work on a single file unless via extensions that track design changes and combine various versions into a single file.

Mockplus is arguably among the best free wireframe tools for Mac. It is a comprehensive platform that lets you create designs, prototype, and collaborate with ease. Leverage the assortment of components, icons, and interactions to streamline the design process and perform validation without writing even a single code. Bring various personnel onboard ranging from designers to managers to facilitate better product design workflow. Build design systems that are dynamic, re-usable, and consistent to ensure easy management and maintenance. The low fidelity and unique sketch styling is a good match for creating a wireframe.

OmniGraffle is a good free wireframe tool for Mac hat offers some of the powerful visual communication features. Thanks to the power diagram, design, and prototype. This tool ensures complicated ideas are communicated quickly and precisely. You can create magnificent wireframes and share them using great visualization tools.

Miro is an excellent free wireframe app Mac tool that help bring teams together. It offers a real-time and asynchronous collaboration, which ensures that teams that are distributed, collocated, or fully remote can collaborate and push their project forward. The tool also allows for deep integrations with some of the trusted tools, including JIRA, Suite, and Sketch, to help create a seamless workflow.

Always leans towards tools that are easy to use. These tools have straightforward and simple processes. If the process is complicated, only experts can navigate well. Furthermore, a complicated process will likely lead to low-quality designs due to errors. If the program is challenging to use, then you will waste a lot of precious time and energy. Also, check whether the application offers tutorials for creating wireframes or associated processes.

Multifamily Securities Investor Access (MSIA) is an online tool that provides investors and analysts with information related to Freddie Mac Multifamily K-Deals, ML-DealsSM, Q-DealsSM, SB-Deals, and Multi PC mortgage-backed securities and their underlying collateral. It also provides information about SCR Notes. The available data includes the standard Investor Reporting Package provided monthly by the master servicer and trustee for a given security issuance. For a single deal or a portfolio, this tool provides a combination of standard and custom reporting capabilities.

You can use the Photos editing tools to easily make simple changes to your photos, such as rotating them or cropping them to get the best framing. You can also use over a dozen sophisticated adjustments to change exposure and color, remove marks or blemishes, eliminate red-eye, change white balance, and more.

Mackeeper is an antivirus solution that helps Mac users protect networks and digital assets from targeted attacks. It helps you detect malware and spyware, cleans out junk, blocks ads, and protects your private information online.

Google Workspace is a free online office suite and data storage software. It is a good alternative to Microsoft Office. You can build Docs, Sheets, Slides. It also allows you to create forms that help you run an online survey.

First on the list is GitMind. This is an online mindmapping and ER diagram tool that you can use for free. What makes this tool so great, is the extensive amount of shapes and elements it provides in its library. These shapes are useful when making all kinds of diagrams like ER diagrams. Furthermore, this ER diagram tool can keep your diagrams private or share it with anyone and secure it with a password in case the diagram contains confidential content.

If you prefer to use a keyboard to laser-focus when making ER diagrams, then QuickDB is your go-to program. Not only that, but you can also share your diagrams online to work collaboratively and produce a quality database structure. This ER diagram tool also supports importing schema from MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server allowing you to generate ERD fast and easy.

Creately is a great option if you are looking for an ER diagram tool that lets you do more than just one type of diagram. The tool provides a lot of editing options which are useful for creating various charts and diagrams. As a matter of fact, making an ERD is really simple using this tool since all you need is to drag and drop the elements and arrange them according to your purpose. It also supports online collaboration which lets multiple users work on a single diagram simultaneously.

Last tool on the list is ERDPlus. This is a free application that you can access online. The tool is dedicated to creating ER diagrams which means that all options and elements in it serves only one purpose. As an ER diagram tool, we can say that ERDPlus is a decent one because it is free. Add that to the fact that it is really easy to use, compared with other tools that have confusing interface. Over all, we can say that it is a great alternative for paid tools, especially if you are just a casual user.




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