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Leigh Sylvester
Leigh Sylvester

Shibuya Shopping Mall Bangkok

"The building is a new concept for retail," Sato told Dezeen. "It's a hybrid of a department store and a shopping mall, so there are tenants but there are also 13 self-curated retail points, which is what makes it different."

shibuya shopping mall bangkok

There are many shopping hubs within Bangkok, and Pratunam is certainly up there with the best! This neighbourhood is home to the trendy Platinum Fashion Mall, The Shibuya Shopping Mall and The Paladium World Shopping. You are simply spoilt for options! As well as these modern malls, Pratunam is also home to authentic Thai markets, including the cultural Pratunam Market and even the Talad Neon Downtown Night Market.

Tokyu Department Store Co., Ltd. operates a chain of department stores in Japan and is the core of the retail and distribution division of the Tokyu Group. With a flagship department store in Shibuya, Tokyo, Tokyu runs 15 stores in Japan, primarily situated in the Tokyo and Yokohama region. The company is also involved in real estate, food processing, the bakery business, information services, and other retail operations. Because of poor economic conditions in Japan in the late 1990s, Tokyu is focusing on diversification and innovation and plans to invest in the increasingly popular suburban shopping malls.

After the immediate postwar hardships, Japan's prosperity grew rapidly. Department stores flourished because they offered convenient one-stop shopping; from being primarily dry-goods suppliers before the war, they now came to supply everything from food to consumer durables. They also catered to the westernization of Japanese tastes by bringing in imports in a way that smaller retailers could not afford to do. Department stores were typically situated at railway stations, as were Toyoko's stores.

Tokyu Department Store was one of the most important of the Tokyu Group, a complex group of businesses of which Tokyu Corporation was the nucleus. These companies, of which there were nearly 400, were divided into four main groups: retailing and distribution; development; transportation; and recreation and leisure. Tokyu Department Store was the nucleus of the retailing and distribution group, which represented almost 40 percent of the Tokyu Group's total sales in 1990. The retailing and distribution group also comprised a supermarket chain and the Tokyu Store Chain, with more than 100 stores in the greater Tokyo area. Like the department stores, most of these adjoined the Tokyu Corporation's railway lines. Tokyu also operated specialty stores such as Tokyu Time Co., started in 1965 to sell and repair watches, and Sports Tokyu Co., started in 1970. Both of these were affiliates of Tokyu Department Store Co., while a number of other specialty stores, such as Top Shoes, were more closely linked with the Tokyu Store Chain Co. All these specialty stores were available for inclusion in Tokyu Department Store's shopping malls.

In addition to the sluggish economy, Tokyu had suburban shopping centers to blame for its struggles. Once the ultimate destination for shoppers, urban department stores began to lose customers to shopping malls and superstores that cropped up in the suburbs. The convenience of suburban shopping appealed to the increasingly car-oriented shopper, and statistics indicated that suburban shopping was not a fluke. The Asian Wall Street Journal reported that between 1985 and 1994, the market share of six superstore chains increased from 4.6 percent to 5.3 percent in the overall retail industry. The market share of eight major department store chains, however, dropped from 2.9 percent to 2.6 percent. While most of the major department store operators shunned expansion into suburbs, Tokyu hoped to capitalize on the new trend and began making plans to open stores in suburban shopping centers. The company announced plans to build a shopping mall in the Tokyo suburb of Kohoku New Town with a Tokyu Department Store as a key retailer. 041b061a72




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