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R4i Gold Plus Firmware Download _BEST_

Welcome to the Official R4 3DS Firmware downloads page. Here you will find all of the latest firmware files for all of the different models of the R4 3DS Cards. All of our cards are always updated to ensure that support even the latest system updates and continue to work and provide all of the features and functions you would expect from the R4 3DS card you own.

r4i gold plus firmware download


The Firmware (or Kernel as it is more commonly called) is the heart and soul of the R4 3DS. Without the firmware files, your r4 will not be recognized when you insert it into your DS, DSi or Nintendo 3DS system. You can think of it as the bootloader or menu system for your ds card. In fact, one of the biggest reasons why many have issues using their cards when they first receive them is because they have not yet installed/copied over the firmware files to their micro SD Card. The R4 DS firmware is what will install the menu, and allow you to load all of the games, applications and software you have on your r4.

The firmware is free to download and use. And we also have lifetime updates on all firmware upgrades. You'll never have to pay again to update your R4 3DS card or any other version of the R4 that we offer. Should a new update come out because we have discovered some incompatibility, or added some new features, they will be announced here and available for you to download at no cost at all. We always strongly urge all of our customers to use the latest and newest firmware and to install the newest versions as they are released. This helps prevent any issues with console updates that may temporarily not recognize the R4 3DS, as the new firmware once again enables all of the features we've all come to love about our ds homebrew cards.

We recommend you download 7-Zip - the open source freeware archival tool that allows you to uncompress zip, 7z, and RAR files - free! All of the firmware comes in one of these archive formats. Get it from the 7-Zip site

This firmware is for the now discontinued R4i DS from R4iDS dot com. It is an older card that has not had any updates for several years but we know there are many users of these cards out there who need the correct firmware for their R4i card.

Use our upgrade firmware package if your 3DS is already at the latest 4.5 update, and was updated before the new r4 3ds firmware was loaded on to your R4 card. You must use a DS, DSi, Nintendo DSi XL or Nintendo 3DS system at a lower system version in order to run the upgrade to the R4 3DS. Once completed, you simply have

This firmware is for the R4iSSDHC Gold. An older DS Flashcard that has been discontinued quite some time ago. The firmware we have available will work on all versions of the DS systems, but the DSi systems it supports will only be supported if the DSi is running version 1.44 or below.

Our latest firmware for our R4 3DS RTS now fully supports the Nintendo 3DS 4.2.09 update, as well as the very newest 1.44 (1.4.4 update) for the Nintendo DSI and Nintendo DSi XL console. It's out best firmware yet. With better game support, and more compatibility for even the latest consoles. The R4 3DS continues to prove that it is by far one of the best cards we have made available. With constant updates and upgrades - and more often than not - this card simply just works out of the box - without any issues or any need for firmware updates at all. We have all of the different firmware files available.

Older R4i Gold Clone from which is no longer updated or live. We have this here for your convenience as we know there are many out there that have these older cards and are unable to use them as they can not find any firmware files for these discontinued cards.

Download latest firmware patch, for example, fwUpdate_V6.20.rar, decompress and extract this rar file with tool WinRar, find and get fwUpdate_V6.20.nds, copy and save it to the same place where kernel saved on your memory card. Now you need find another console to load into R4 gold pro interface, press A button to run that firmware patch. Some program are written into your r4 gold IC chip during firmware upgrading, and that is why you may damage your r4 card if happens to shut off the console when running the patch.

Download latest kernel from, for example, r4i_gold_plus_v3_0.rar, extract this xxx.rar file to computer, find and copy moonshl2, SYSTEM, r4.DAT into the root directory of memory card (FAT32 formatted), at the same time, drag and pull some games into the memory card, now you can plug and play.

(a) Click and go to official download page, find and download the one shown as deluxe edition firmware v2.x download, get plus_firmware_update_v2_x.rar, extract and get a UPDATE.bin, copy and save this UPDATE.bin to the root directory where the kernel files are, now connect memory card, R4i GOLD PLUS and burner into PC USB port, wait for several minutes till flashes into LED lights on. Firmware upgrade completes.

(b) Go to official download page, find and download the one shown as standard edition firmware v2.x download, get plus_firmware_softupdate_v2_x.rar, extract and get a plus_firmware_softupdate_v2_x.nds, copy and save this xxx.nds to the root directory where the kernel files are, now boot up your R4i GOLD PLUS on your console, navigate and highlight plus_firmware_softupdate_v2_x.nds, press A button to run the patch, then do as instructed from your console till the upgrade completes.

Download the Moonshell2.0 from page -download-e.htm, get a rar file, decompress it on your computer and get moonshl2, moonmemo, _DS_MSHL.NDS, copy and paste these 3 items together with __rpg and _DS_MENU.DAT, now you can enjoy multimedia functions on r4i gold 3ds.

Download the latest firmware patch, for example, r4igold_3DS62_Patch.rar to your computer, decompress and extract this rar file with tool WinRar, find and get R4iGold_3DS62_Patch_NDSL_3DS.nds, R4iGold_3DS62_Patch_NDSi_3DS.nds, readme.txt, read the readme.txt and choose the corresponding patch to fix your problem. Most of time, we need use R4iGold_3DS62_Patch_NDSi_3DS.nds to update.

R4i-SDHC RTS cards can support N3DS V6.3.0-12 perfectly(certain model only) please update your kernel to V1.85b. If your RTS cards cannot support firmware update for the moment, please be patient, the new patch will be released soon. [2018-09-04]

R4i gold 3ds rts flashcart is the most popular and effective solution to play ds backups on your 3ds/2ds/dsi console, using r4i gold card for the first time can be a bit confusing, so this guide is here to point you in the right direction.

1. R4i Gold 3DS RTS card2. Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL/2DS/DSI/DS Console3. MicroSD card (2-32 GB)4. MicroSD card adaptor (will come with the r4i gold 3ds package)5. PCThe r4i gold 3ds rts card is the best 3ds flashcart to date, I've had one for about a year now, cant recommend it enough. Just wanted to give you more confirmation. -wood-r4i-gold-3ds-flashcart-for-3ds-xl-3ds-dsi-and-ds-lite.html is where I got mine, they ship from California and their prices are good. Okay, here is a guide to get you started

For anyone still coming in to this from searches, the file link is no longer correct. The direct link at the moment is , or go through this page -download-e.htm to where it says "Newest WOOD R4 Kernel". 350c69d7ab




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