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Leigh Sylvester
Leigh Sylvester

Dark Eldar Color Scheme Generator

The old color scheme, in-between Saim Hann and UltweeThe original color scheme was black and red and if I remember correctly my brother wanted it to be a kind of mix between saim han and ultwe. For this renaissance, I wanted a fresh new color scheme a lot less dark than the previous one. I did try many combinations using the excellent color scheme generator avalaible here: Color Scheme Generator (Edit: it seems that the site has been shut down since then). Here are some tests of various color schemes.

Dark Eldar Color Scheme Generator

Some tests of eldar color schemeI was quite indecisive for some time. Then I saw the movie Oblivion and I was very impressed by its aestetics. I really like the white/glowing blue contrasting very well with a brown dusty ground.

But this power and mastery left the Aeldari open to darkness and decadence. Without enemies to battle and with entirely automated life modes, the immortal Aeldari could find pleasure and meaning in life in all forms of depravity. As a result, the Aeldari Empire fell into decadence, and pleasure cults rapidly spread throughout the core worlds, unaware of the consequences of their acts. In the Warp, turmoil by the bloodshed and destruction caused by the War in Heaven, the depravity of the Aeldari formed a being of incredible power and depravity, whose birth would herald the destruction of all Aeldari.

Now is a good time to consider some cautionary measures so that your craftworld is not confused with others (namely, the five major craftworlds). Alaitoc, Biel-Tan, Iyanden, Saim-Hann, and Ulthwé all have long-standing traditions and tend to be easily identifiable based on two themes: color scheme and unit selection. The most important thing to avoid is 'crossing the streams' (i.e. choosing the same types of units and methods of warfare). You can find the color schemes for these craftworlds in the Eldar codices. However, for the sake of completeness, here is a quick list of colors, along with the types of forces these craftworlds tend to field. If you wish to avoid your craftworld being misidentified, do not choose a color scheme from a craftworld along with a similar army design.

What colours you ultimately decide to utilise for your craftworld's forces will ultimately influence how they are perceived, reflecting your Warhost's overall theme and preferred fighting style. For example, you might want to choose something bright and bold for a craftworld that prides itself on its nobility and the ancient inheritance of its proud Noble Houses. But if your craftworld possesses a dubious and more sinister reputation, perhaps are darker colour palette would suit your forces better. Keep in mind the fighting style commonly employed by your craftworld, such as those Aeldari who commonly use stealth, guerilla and ambush tactics. It would be beneficial for those forces to employ some type of camouflage. While an Aeldari Corsair force might employ brighter colours to set them apart and distinguish themselves as allies and boldly declare their colours - loud and proud - to their foes. 350c69d7ab




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