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Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams

Stalker Lost Alpha Weapon Mods

Misc:- Unofficial patch 1.4006 v 1.6- added additional console commands- reduced RAM usage fix by Shoker- High Quality fix by Shoker- built-in Advanced repair.- adopted SWM shooting effects and mixing for animations of shots- more weapons have attachable sights and silencers- reduced weapon inertia in aiming mode- weapon and ammo description rework- disabled automatic weapon reloading - for some weapons added non-full reloading- added more than 40 side quests- fixed possible hangs of stalkers around the fires, near corpses or artifacts - redesigned system of lever changers and texts of their blockers under the ClearSky-style- updated inventory items icons - fixed pda map and minimap for widescreen modes

Stalker Lost Alpha Weapon Mods

what fun all these simulators spongebob? most gamers did not even see the consequences of being hit by a bullet in bronzell and damages from that person, but rather to put it in YouTube to see what even one hit can bring damage sufficient to stop the test on time, and if you hit the target with 2-3 bullets to the body, so in most cases, a conditional enemy's will to fight back or die, or what will be rolling back as if nothing had happened, the damage in lost alpha is not terribly realistic, in-the-blank clips are not enough for even a dog to scratch, the weapon damage is not right, and the sound of gunfire, the same AK47, is it so hard to pull out of the mods ARMA 3 is made by professional zvukar.. that would be scoring with the rebalance

you are really rude now every one has right have own way to play with own option even i play by using cheats or modifying files to make my charater in stalker from bitch a real man i almost tell here example that how people have own idea about what weapon is the best in warframe but no this is more like how people are toxic to other ideas in stalker when comes to idea to make game to enought easy to able to play i mean do i example to have to be toxic back to people ideas who are toxic to peoples ideas like this place because how some you felt if i would be toxic to some of you for any no reason think that




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