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Daniel Williams

Portal With RTX Free Download

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Portal with RTX Free Download

Portal with RTX DLC will be available on Steam on December 8th. After that, anyone who has Portal on the game platform will be able to download the dlc for free. The RTX version will have path tracing support for realistic lighting and reflections and improved textures and models with greater quality. Nvidia previously released an RTX version of Quake II.

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The video, which was put together by ElAnalistaDeBits, is an amazing showcase of the RTX Remix tool with which the new free DLC for the classic game by Valve has been developed, as it highlights massive visual improvements across the board, such as textures, reflections, models improvements and more.

Portal With RTX launches later today as a free DLC for all owners of the original game. While NVIDIA RTX GPUs will offer the best experience, the game is compatible with any GPU that supports ray tracing. You can learn more about it by checking out the overview below.

The free DLC for Portal upgrades the 2007 puzzle game with ray tracing and remade high resolution textures. DLSS2 allows for full ray tracing while Nvidia's latest DLSS 3 technology improves the frame rate 2.8 times over for those who own an RTX 40-series graphics card.

Reddit user Jodeth showcased a special moment from their Portal with RTX playthrough in a recent post. The image they shared isn't anything surprising. In fact, it's exactly what any Portal with RTX player would expect, but it's still exactly what everyone would want to see. The screenshot shows how ray tracing in Portal with RTX allows light to travel through the game's portals. With one portal in light, the second portal can carry that light into a darkened area.

Light going through a portal in a game based on portals with DLC named Portal with RTX may seem obvious, but it's still very cool to see in motion. Promising to deliver on the idea on paper is one thing, but to see it actually happening is something else entirely.

It's going to be some time before RTX and ray-traced lighting are widely available and used. Most games that do, like Portal with RTX, are better described as technical experiments or art pieces. Hardware performance needs to grow more powerful for something like ray tracing to become normal. Still, if it means light can travel through portals, it's clearly worth continuing to pursue.

The game may have defaulted to DirectX 8, causing portals to be rendered without effects. Add -dxlevel 95 to the game's launch options to run the game in DirectX 9, then remove it after running the game once or your in-game video options will keep resetting back to the defaults.

For the few out there who haven't played this game before, Portal is a first-person puzzle platformer. Just about every one of the puzzles involves you finding a way to reach the exit either through the use of pressure switches, generators that need to be activated by balls of energy, or a combination of the above and more. The big gimmick is the use of portals. Initially, the portals are a means to reach two different points in the room without the normal stairs or visible doors to lead you there. Eventually, physics come into play, as you have to create situations where you're launching yourself or blocks across chasms or over walls.

Portal with RTX isn't necessarily a new game, but it's a mod for the existing version of Portal. The only way to launch this version is to launch the base game on Steam and select the RTX version before it boots up. Since it is a mod, you also have to hit ALT+Insert to bring up the specific RTX graphical options. You will need the absolute latest game drivers from Nvidia to run this, as anything below 527.37 causes the game to freeze immediately upon entering the title screen. You also have to keep in mind that any other mods won't work with this active, at least until they get updated with the latest textures to get RTX features active.

Nvidia has just officially announced that all owners of the original Portal will receive its refreshed version with ray tracing support for free. The expansion is expected to come out as early as this November (no exact date was provided). Portal with RTX, as this "remaster" is called, can already be added to your wish list on Steam. 041b061a72




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