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Leigh Sylvester
Leigh Sylvester

Buy Hologram Stickers

Optical hologram sticker is one of the best solutions for brand security protection, effectively avoid fake products. Nowadays, the combination of this high-end hologram sticker with QR code authentication is getting more and more popular. Especially for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and electronics package, etc.

buy hologram stickers

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You may ask how can holographic stickers prevent fake and duplicates? The main reason is that hologram stickers are made of optical microstructures. Different from conventional printing stickers, it is difficult to duplicate.

These three security levels are applied to hologram stickers products, which can give an overall high-security shield, avoid fake and duplicates, and enhance your brand. Especially for ID cards, security documents.

Here we list some prestigious hologram manufacturers for your reference, they are all IHMA (International Hologram Manufacturers Association) members. IHMA is the world-renowned authority for holograms, based in the UK.

Suzhou Image was established in Shanghai in 2001 and moved to Suzhou in 2006, to expand the production and focus on R&D of optical hologram technologies. And the company provide optical security solutions for both governmental projects like security laminate for ID card, driver license, passports, credentials and certificates, and commercial brand protection.

Eye-catching, 3D holographic effectOur holographic stickers give off an iridescent effect whenever light hits the waterproof plastic, with a shimmer and a shine that catches the eyes from across a room. They can give your products that modern glow-up, and with plenty of customization options, help them stand out from the crowd.

This sticker pack includes (50) glossy stickers with a Hello, My Name Is holographic design, and they are supplied in a unique carton with an elastic tie closure - take what you need and keep your unused stickers clean for your next tagging session!

Egg Shell Stickers are not regular vinyl or paper stickers. Egg Shell Stickers are the best stickers you can get in the market. Write your tag or create a doodle, then simply peel and apply the sticker on the most ridiculous wet or dry surfaces, such as metal, concrete, wood, and many more. Removing these stickers will be quite a challenge, and once you try, it will start to chip off and flake away slowly, hence the name Egg Shell!

Q: How do I prepare my files when printing holographic die-cut stickers?A: When preparing your artwork files for printing a holographic die-cut sticker, the most important consideration is ensuring that your artwork has transparent areas. Transparent areas will show as transparent when the artwork is printed. You also have to ensure that you save your artwork in a file format which supports transparencies such as a PNG. JPGs and GIFs, for example, do not support transparencies.

1. There are actually a few Chanel handbags that are produced without the hologram sticker. They include the vintage Chanel bags, bags with new linings, and rare Chanel bags. These bags are just as authentic as any other authentic Chanel bag that includes the hologram sticker. 041b061a72




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